Pure Hair Pure Body can provide you with a range of systems that use different application techniques and hair types to suit all clientele. From our ethical sourced top quality hair, specifically designed products and large range of application techniques, Bonding, Premium Link & Micro Wefts, Racoon covers it all! 


Racoon Hair Extensions are proud to be able to give you our guarantee of ethically sourced hair. We supply the largest and finest quality range of 100% natural hair root point correct.

With Racoon there is no need to discard the hair after removal, you can simply re-use the same hair over and over again. This feature is appealing to clients who can enjoy their extensions for longer at an affordable price.


The Racoon Premium Link System is available in two sizes and a range of colours and blends to suit your hair. Is also available in Premium hair in both 35 & 50 cm lengths.  Fantastic for adding length, highlights, lowlights, slices of colour or volume.


Racoon Micro Wefts are the ultimate way to temporarily adapt or completely re-create your existing hairstyle. The flexibility of colour blending, adding length and volume, creates the perfect fashion accessory for your client’s hair.

Contact our Racoon Hair Extension specialists for a consultation on 02 9659 1766 or click here to request an appointment

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